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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving dose not = Weight Gain.

There's a common thought that I'm sure you hear a lot- Holiday times means that you will gain weight. Well gues what? That's only a thought and thoughts can be CHANGED! 

Now of course if you think these thoughts long enough they become your beliefs and if you believe that you can't help but gain weight once Thanksgiving roles around, that it's all downhill from there--then you're right--that will be your result. 

But what if you change your thoughts and think "I can maintain my weight in a healthy manner during the holidays!" Then you know what your result would be if you kept your focus on this thought?You'd find ways to do this. 

Live like a healthy FIT person. When you're living this way, you don't focus on the food during the holidays but instead on the people and the fun! 

Now here's the tips on how to do this: 

1.) Load up on veggies! Be the designated "veggie bringer" for your party and you'll ensure that there are plenty of veggies to choose from. Veggies are also VERY filling. 

2.) Drink your water. No need to induldge in soda or alcohol, but if you must have one alcoholic beverage, choose from lower calorie drinks such as Michelob Select(55 calories) or Vodka sodas. Those are lower calorie options.But remember, in moderation! 
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3.) Fit in your work out for the day. Plan our your work outs for the day BEFORE Thanksgiving, ON Thanksgiving and AFTER Thanksgiving. Do atleast an hour of cardio in each work out, that way you will in the right mind set to choose healthier options, and have a few extra calories to spare for that big turkey meal :) 

4.) Cut your potions in half, or even better--in thirds!! If you eat foods filled with sugar and white flour and they do not trigger you to overeat you can still enjoy but cut your portion sizes. There is NO rule that just because it's Thanksgiving you must stuff yourself to the point where you can't button your pants. Yes...I've seen this happen and it's not pretty. So let others fall into the "food coma"...not you! 

5.) Make your meals earlier in the day COUNT. Shakeology is a great option for breakfast or pre/post work out meals on Thanksgiving. You will be getting most of your needed nutrients in that one meal and getting your sweet tooth under control before heading to those parties. 

And most importantly, 


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