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Friday, October 29, 2010

The only way to lose weight.


I know none of you want to hear this, But before you click the x button, hear me out.

The age old saying, "move more, and eat less"  is not only true, but it is also the basis of EVERY weight loss program. Please don't use the 'eat less' part as a reason to eat nothing but a snickers all day. And do not think switching from a big mac to a chicken sandwich, with bacon cheese and ranch, is a better choice.  DO NOT fall for the fast food salad is good for you trap. Most of those salads have as many or more calories then the burgers do.  Just because something has lettuce in it does not make it healthy.

As easy as it might sound, eating less and moving more, can be difficult without a plan.  So I am going to give you guys some tools to help you do just that.

Eat less.......

    * Keep a journal: US researchers working on a study comparing approaches to weight loss, found that keeping a food diary can double weight loss. They said that the more food records they kept, the more weight the participants lost. Don't eat it until its in the journal.  

    * Drink more water: Clinical studies have shown that 37% of people mistake hunger for thirst because the thirst mechanism is so weak. By doing so, the body is led to think that it needs food when what it’s really asking for is water. Before you pick up the cookies, have a glass of fresh cold water

    * Choose your food wisely:  A great example of this is, grapes and raisins. Ounce for ounce, raisins have almost three times the amount of sugar as their grape counterparts. Raisins also contain considerably more calories. A half-cup of raisins contains 246 calories and the same amount of grapes contains only 31 calories. Now I'm not claiming raisins are bad for you, But in a situation when you need to cut calories, you will feel more satisfied eating a cup of grapes, then an ounce of raisins.

    * Know what's in your food:  If you look at a package of bread, and think your eating bread, your WRONG.  The only food you can judge by its cover, is food that is not required to have a nutrition label. Like fruit, veggies, some meats. That package of  bread, most times contains over twenty ingredients. Most lunch meat contains tons of salt, and sugar. Keep your food as pure as possible.

    * Tell people what your doing: Accountability is one of the most important factors in losing weight, or changing any behavior. When you have to report to someone else, when you feel a level of pressure, it tends to change how you think and act. One of the reasons the weekly Weight Watchers Meeting is so effective, is that it forces you to weigh in once a week. It forces you to be accountable to yourself.

Now, on to... drum roll please!



    * Find a work out buddy: This one is pretty easy to understand. Doing things with friends always seems to be less work. And you get accountability!

    * Schedule time for exercise: To many of us spend all our time taking care of our family's, and neglect ourselves. In reality, when we are in shape, we move faster, we get sick less, we need less help doing daily activities. Don't let your self believe that you don't have time to work out. You can find 15 minuets a day to prolong your life.

    * Have home work out options: Even if you are a gym or running addict, ALWAYS have back up at home. I guarantee you, at some point in your health journey, something will come up that will stop you from going to the gym. You can get a great workout at home, and not all DVDs are that pricey. You can go to Wal-mart and pick one up for five dollars.  If you need help finding a workout that suites you or you just want a recommendation, call me! I will be happy to help you find one that meets your needs. I've done a million of them.

    * Go the extra mile:  Walking to the mailbox instead of driving, parking farther away form the entrance, and taking the stairs really adds up at the end of the day.  Get a pedometer and run a test. Wear it once and do your normal routine. Then try going out of your way to your daily tasks, the steps won't lie!  

This is just a few ideas to get you guys motivated. There are so many more little changes, that make big impacts on our health.  Feel free to call or email me, any time you need help. And help people that you know are struggling, all of us need a little support.   

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