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Sunday, December 5, 2010

11 tips to stay fit during the holidays!

  1. Eat Breakfast! - Don't let hunger get the best of you and derail your eating habits 
  2. Drink plenty of H2O - Water helps many things! Including eliminating waste and burning fat
  3. Walk Walk Walk! - Park further away and take advantage of the opportunity to burn more calories
  4. PLAN AHEAD - Schedule workout dates with your friends and family
  5. Sprint workouts - Shorten each session but increase the intensity 
  6. Take advantage of what's outside - No matter where you're at there's something to do 
  7. See the sights - Walk and tour the neighborhood with your family to see the beautiful Christmas lights
  8. Eat smaller portions - Being surrounded by food does not have to end in disaster. pick a few items and cut the portions way down 
  9. Double up! - Do more then one workout, if you eat more make sure your burn more!
  10. Calories count - Before fill your plate check the average calorie count for each dish, you might just change your mind
  11. Cheers! - Don't forget, alcohol is FILLED with empty calories, so before you drink up Google lower calorie alternatives 

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